6:00 AM


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  6:00 Moments of Inspiration

  6:30 Whole World Church of God

  7:00 Echoes of Zion

  8:00 Lebanon  Road Church of Christ

  8:30 Victory Thru Truth

  8:45 Evan. L. E. Speck

  9:00 Call to Worship

  9:30 Frank and Ernest

  9:45 Moments of Inspiration

10:00 14th Avenue Baptist Church

11:00 Evan. Pat Childs

11:45 Old Trailblazer

12:00 NOON

 12:00 Main Street Church Of Christ  (Dallas, Texas)

  1:00 Try The Light - Ken Binkley

  1:30 Sunday Reflections

  2:00 A Word Fitly Spoken-- Meads Chapel Church of Christ

  2:30 Old Country Church from Fatherland Baptist (Delayed)

  3:30 CC Gospel  -  Bro. Charles Colbert

  4:00 Message From Heaven -  Bro. Chris Woods

  4:30 Unity Baptist Church with Pastor Alton Hayes

  6:00 Whole World Church of God - Ronald Laughland

  6:30 Fatherland Baptist  Evening Service

  7:30 Main Street Church of Christ   (Dallas, Texas)

  8:30 Cynthia and Rosien In The Parlor  (Old time radio)

10:00 Overcomer Ministry