December 3, 2016


Tony Cappuccilli


44 Music Square, East

Nashville, TN† 36203


Roy Beasley

Restoration Radio

1993 Fosterville† Short Creek Road

Bell Buckle, Tn† 37020


Dear Mr. Beasley,


Thank you for having your broadcast on WNAH Radio in Nashville.


Since your first broadcast in 2006 listeners have truly appreciated your ministry.


Today, your broadcasts, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes air every day of the week, Monday

through Sunday, and the tradition continues.


You have spoken Godís word and the truth that our listeners count on in their every day lives.


RESTORATION RADIO broadcasts have benefited our station immensely since the first broadcast

In 2006.


We will always be grateful !


Your friend,


Tony Cappuccilli