Station History

WNAH began broadcasting at 6 a.m. on December 24, 1949, from studios in the penthouse of the James Robertson Hotel in downtown Nashville. WNAH was the first station in Nashville to accept local religious programs as a part of its regular schedule. Fatherland Baptist Church was the first church to begin broadcasting on WNAH and continues to this day. Fatherland’s first broadcast was December 25, 1949. Several other churches have been on the station almost as long. In 1961 the station moved to the Hermitage Hotel and remained there until 1973. In September of 1973, the studios were moved to a much larger facility in the Whitehall Building at 1701 West End. In 1978, to facilitate continued rapid growth of the station, WNAH purchased the building that houses our present facilities at 44 Music Square East. The station transmitter site has remained at the same location on Whites Creek Pike since the station went on the air in 1949. In October, 2010 WNAH installed a new BE-AM-1 transmitter greatly improving our AM sound quality and signal. Major sports events such as Chicago White Sox Baseball, the Mutual Game of the Day, Notre Dame Football, and coverage of local sports are all part of the station’s rich history. For a period of time in the 60’s, the New York Metropolitan Opera was aired every Saturday afternoon. Since its inception WNAH has been affiliated with, or carried news and /or programs from all the major radio networks … CBS, ABC, NBC and Mutual. WNAH presented live broadcast coverage of the Tennessee State Fair for many years. Many other remotes from important Nashville events have been covered through the years including Christmas Village and various expos as well as other important Nashville events. Since 1965, WNAH has presented the “WNAH Direct Line to Santa Claus” at the North Pole workshop. From Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Day, Children of all ages can here daily updated messages from Santa Claus by calling 615-737-9333.

The format of WNAH is Christian Talk … 24 hours a day featuring many well known national and local pastors and teachers.

On October 3, 2018, WNAH was purchased by Hoyt Carter and became H. M. Carter Broadcasting. Programming will remain basically the same.

A salute to those who have been a part of, and have greatly contributed to, the rich WNAH history.

WNAH associated person’s over the years.

Howard (Woody) Woodard, Chief Engineer 1948 – 2000 (Deceased)
Herman Rippy, Sales 1950 – 1967 (Deceased)
Bob Whitson, Announcer 1955 – 1960
Jerry Haddux, Announcer 1957 – 1965
Jim Williams, Program Director 1958 – 1965
Bob Nelson, Production 1967 – Announcer (Deceased)
Karl Peltier, Sales 1967 – 1986 (Deceased)
William (Bill) Grist, Promotion 1967 – 2015 (Deceased)
N.T. (Doc) Gallucci, Sales 1968 – 1990 (Deceased)
Ron Gabriel, Production 1974 – Present
George Hale, Engineer 1975 – Present
Tim Easter, Announcer 1979 – 1982
Robert (Bob) Ogles, Production 1979 – Present
Joel Keen, Announcer 1981 – 1983 (Deceased)
Mike Perry, Announcer 1981 – 1993 (Deceased)
Mark Kissling, Production 1983 – Present
Gladys Evelyn Hart, Talk Show and On-air Features 1983 – Present
Paul Caldwell, Announcer 1985 – 1995 (Deceased)
Scott Winchell, Announcer 1988 – 1993
Mike Brown, Announcer 1995 – 2001
Jeff Carr, Announcer 1996 – 2000
David Spence, Announcer 1999 – 2001
Mike Richardson, On-air Features 2005 – Present
David H. Profater, Production 2007 – Present
Joey Carpenter, Production 2008 – Present
Marshall Griffin, Production 2009 – Present
Mark Allen, Production 2010 – 2012